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Touchscreen, Keypad, and Keys: Which Type of Lock is Right For You?

Mar 9th 2020

keys in a door lock

Door locks are one of the most important parts of your home. They let you feel safe, keep your privacy, and ensure your home is secured against potential break-ins. When researching what type of lock to buy during new home construction or a home renovation, you want to consider important factors like door lock function and style, which are both vital when making a purchase decision.

In this article, we’re going to focus on choosing the style for your home. There are three main options to choose from: touchscreen locks, keypad locks, and keyed locks. Each style of lock comes with its own unique features, with some models carrying additional features. We’ll look at each of these front door lock replacement options, common features, and their pros and cons.

Touchscreen Door Locks


Touchscreen door locks offer a great combination of sleek looks along with additional security features and the added convenience of using access codes to lock and unlock entry or back doors. These types of locks have become a popular choice for on-the-go homeowners. Touchscreen locks secure your home without relying on a physical key to allow entry or exit.

These  keyless entry locks are available in a variety of styles and finishes to match your home’s aesthetic. When it comes to choosing the right touchscreen door lock, you have to consider a few factors like your door fit and lock type, the ability to add and change access codes, integration with other smart home systems, and additional smart lock features like remote locking and proximity locking for added convenience.


  • This type of lock offers ease of entry with no keys needed
  • Access code rotation for added security
  • The convenience of allowing and denying entry by changing access codes
  • Peace of mind with the ability to track who comes in and out
  • Protection from lock picking or bumping
  • Connectivity with the rest of your home if need be


  • More reliant on battery power, which can die out (notifications do help)
  • Reliant on phones and networks, which comes with a risk of losing access
  • Potential of hacking, which can override entry codes to unlock your door (on the plus side, most touchscreen locks notify you of unauthorized access)
  • Costs significantly more than standard key locks

Keypad Door Locks

Keypad door locks are the most popular keyless entry option today. These types of locks are used to access gates, doors, and other secure areas in all types of properties. If you’re considering these locks for a front door lock replacement or  door lock upgrade, you need to consider a few factors, just like with touchscreen locks.


  • Ease of access
  • Access is not limited to one person—many can be programmed to allow access to multiple users
  • Access codes can be changed frequently
  • Reliable and safe keyless functionality with multiple features available
  • Notifications of any unauthorized access
  • Greater flexibility to access outside of the home


  • Reliant on power or batteries to operate which requires a backup to ensure continued functionality
  • Expensive type of lock compared to traditional locks—the higher the security level, the higher the cost
  • When hooked with another security system, costs may rise
  • Keypad door locks can be vulnerable to natural elements and possible vandalism, so they need sealing and protection

Keyed Door Locks


Keyed door locks are the most common type in the market today. They’ve long been the mainstay when it comes to securing front and back doors due to the high-grade security features they offer, their sturdy construction, and ease of use and installation. From  deadbolts to two-way handlesets and keyed door levers or doorknobs, door locks with key access are your regular turn-key security measure and the most economical option.

When it comes to choosing the right type of keyed lock, you have to consider your door function, door lock security grade, ease of installation, ease of rekeying the locks, and cost. The good thing is there are reliable options, such as deadbolt locks, to enhance your security. The key lies in  choosing the best fit for your doors.


  • Simple to use and install
  • Proven reliability with no security risks in a power outage
  • Different security grade options to choose from
  • Cost-effective with a wide range of choices on the market at affordable prices
  • More style options than other types of locks—you can find the exact style and finish you want
  • Ideal for front door lock replacement-select heavy"—duty grades


  • Difficult to control access, especially when you have multiple keys in different hands
  • Keys can easily be lost, stolen, or misplaced
  • If they do go missing, you have to rekey your locks or even replace them entirely
  • Carrying keys with you all the time can be inconvenient (consider key storage solutions)
  • Watch out for cheap knock-offs that can be easily tampered with

Shop Door Locks at Door Locks Direct

Whichever type of lock you decide to buy for your home, weigh the pros and cons of each door lock style you have in mind so you can make an informed decision. Be sure to check the features of your specific lock since features can vary, especially for touchscreen and keypad locks.

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