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Keyed Alike Door Locks | Free Keying Details

Rekeying is the process of changing the locks on your door without replacing them.

This can come in handy if:

  • You are moving into a new space and want to change all of your locks at once.
  • You’re a landlord who needs to give out keys to tenants but doesn't want everyone having access.
  • You’re building a new home and want to make sure all the locks have the same key from the beginning.

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Free Keying Options

Keyed Alike

If you select the keyed alike door locks option, all keyed products purchased on the same order will be keyed to the same key at no additional charge. The same key will open all keyed products.  

Please note:

  • For Keyed Alike orders, you must purchase the same manufacturer's products. For example, a Kwikset key will not go into a Schlage product and vise-a-versa. All products offered for sale on this site clearly list the manufacturer, and you can shop by brand to make sure everything can be keyed the same. If you order more than one brand of keyed items and select keyed-alike on everything, you will end up with one set of keys for each brand.
  • When ordering multiple keyed alike door locks, we will include 4 keys total at no additional charge. Additional cut keys can be purchased using the extra key options drop down box available when ordering multiple locks with the same key. 

Infographic - Free Keying Options

Keyed Different

If you select the keyed-different option, all keyed products ordered in the same order will be keyed differently. Each lock uses a different key to lock/unlock. Two keys per lock will be provided at no additional charge. Additional cut keys can be purchased before you submit your order.

Previous Order - We do keep a record of all key codes used on previous orders. If you purchase additional locks at a later date and want them keyed to the original order, please make the following note in the comments box during checkout "Please key to previous order # (last 4 or 5 digits of your original order #). If you don't have the original order #, please contact us at 1-866-755-LOCK (5625) so we can look it up for you.

Existing Key - We can easily key your new locksets to your existing key, provided they are the same brand (Ex. Existing Kwikset key with the purchase of new Kwikset locks).

Please note:

  • During checkout of your new keyed locksets, you will need to put the following notes in the comments box "Please hold this order / Key is in the mail".
  • You will need to mail a copy of your existing key to the following address:
    10602 Hufsmith Rd.
    Tomball, TX 77375
  • We recommend securing this key with tape between two thin pieces of cardboard (cereal box, etc.) prior to putting it in a standard envelope to ensure it doesn't get separated in the mail.
  • If you are not sure of the brand on your existing hardware, most major manufacturers stamp their brand on the "key", "latchbolt", or "deadbolt cylinder". Most import lock companies use either the Kwikset or Schlage keyway and are compatible. If you have a brand and are not sure if it is compatible, please give us a call to discuss.

If you previously purchased locksets that have a sticker with the following message "Match Numbers for Keyed Alike Door Locks", this code has nothing to do with the key code.  This is a random code assigned to locks that are keyed alike.  You will still need to mail us a key. You can contact us directly for any questions.

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Other Keying Options (Additional charges will apply):

Master Keyed

All keyed products that specify master keying will operate on two separate key systems. The 1st key (master key) will open all locks keyed to the master key code. The 2nd key(tenant key) will only open those locks that were keyed to this tenant key. This key system is designed for apartment complexes or rental property where the owner has a master key that will open all door locks on the property; however, the tenant would only have access to their unit.

Builder Keyed

All keyed products which specify builder keying will operate on two separate key systems. Once the homeowner key is used, the builder key will no longer work. This key system is designed to provide security while the house is under construction. Once the construction process is complete and the homeowner takes possession and uses their key, the builder key will no longer operate the locks.

We’re Here to Help

Want to learn more about our keyed alike door locks or multiple locks with same key option, keyed different option, existing key option, previous order option, or other free keying options? Call us to learn more @ 1-866-755-LOCK (5625). Feel free to explore our wide selection of door locks, levers, and deadbolts available in a variety of finishes at Door Locks Direct.

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