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What is the Most Secure Smart Lock Design?

What is the Most Secure Smart Lock Design?

Mar 9, 2023

a smart lock on a door with a key sticking out of it

Today, an increasing number of individuals are choosing smart locks over traditional lock designs. With the global smart lock market projected to reach 8.13 million by 2030, demand for smart locks is only expected to increase in the coming years. For those considering upgrading to a smart lock, it is important to choose the right design that will offer you maximum protection. Here is a rundown of the most securesmart lock security options and their pros and cons:

Smart Locks with Keypads

Many smart locks feature keypad locks. This lock design allows you to unlock your door by creating and entering a unique code into your keypad, which causes the door to unlock. You don’t need a physical or wireless key on your person to operate keypad locks. You can easily reset keypad codes when you want to deny someone access, making them one of the most secure (and convenient) smart lock designs. So, what are the security pros and cons?


  • Easily control who has access to your residence by only sharing the code with trusted friends and family members.
  • No risk of having keys getting lost or stolen.


  • Cannot check lock’s status on your smartphone. 
  • If you use a common code (like a family member’s birthday, for example), it may be easy for others to discover your code and gain access to your home without your knowledge.
  • If you give the code out to someone, that person now has unlimited access to your residence until you change the code, which is unique among the most secure smart lock options.

Locks with Wireless Keys

cell phone with chain and lock wrapped around it

Some smart locks have keyless entry capabilities. Rather than carrying around a physical key to open your door, with most keyless locks, you are able to lock and unlock your door on your phone using WiFi or Bluetooth. When deciding whether this is the most secure smart lock, there are both advantages and risks:


  • No need to remember codes.
  • Full control over the locks from your phone.


  • If someone takes and unlocks your phone, they could gain access to your home too.
  • If you lose your phone, you could also get locked out of your residence.
  • While keyless smart locks are one of the most secure smart locks, they can be susceptible to phone and internet hackers.

Biometric Smart Locks

man in business suit pointing his finger

Biometric smart locks allow users to unlock their door by placing their finger against a sensor or scanning your facial profile. If the sensor recognizes you as someone who should have access to your home, the door will unlock automatically. If it doesn’t recognize you, you won’t be granted access. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when considering biometric smart lock security among your most secure smart lock options:


  • It is very difficult to imitate someone else’s fingerprint or face, making biometric locks harder to tamper with than many other lock designs.
  • There are no codes, phones, or keyfobs you might forget.


  • Biometric locks store a lot of data about your physiological features, which can feel like an invasion of privacy.
  • Biometric databases can be the target of hackers.
  • Biometric technology is not perfect; it is possible that your smart lock may not always immediately recognize you due to factors like temperature, lighting, facial expression, etc.

Alarms, Video Cameras, and Speaker Systems

Smart locks security systems that include features like alarms, videos cameras, and two-way speaker systems are super helpful. While smart locks with video cameras allow you to actually view and monitor the behaviors of someone right outside your door, many smart locks security systems also feature alarms that go off when an unauthorized person is detected on your property, or two-way speaker systems that allow you to communicate with whoever is on the other side of the door to gather why they are there.


When it comes to choosing the most secure smart lock design, there’s no clear-cut answer. Each different kind of smart lock offers its own security advantages and poses its own unique risks. Because they are the most difficult to tamper with, biometric smart locks can provide virtually foolproof security for your home. If you have a hard time remembering codes or frequently forget to lock your door, you may want to consider a lock that uses a wireless key. On the other hand, if you have lots of guests coming over frequently or need a lock for an AirBnB, having a keypad lock will be ideal for you.

No matter what kind of smart lock you’re looking for, Door Locks Direct has you covered with a vast selection of the most secure smart locks on the market. Shop top smart lock brands that will provde you and your loved ones with the security and peace of mind that you deserve.