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Best Keyless Entry Door Locks for Airbnb Homes

Best Keyless Entry Door Locks for Airbnb Homes

Dec 29, 2022

open entry door with bed in background

The ideal Airbnb strikes a balance between a luxury hotel and an inviting home. You’re looking to create a space where absolutely anybody can feel welcome, with all the unassuming, subtle security of a reliable establishment.

But the journey to creating such a space begins before you even enter the Airbnb. It starts with your door lock — which, if you want to bring your Airbnb to the modern era, is keyless.

The best keyless entry locks for Airbnb homes add unparalleled convenience and security to your space. You can grant easy access to trusted family, friends, and verified guests with access codes, and without ever having to compromise on safety. Use this guide to find the best keyless door locks for your Airbnb today.

1. Kwikset 953 Obsidian Touchscreen Deadbolt

kwikset 953 keyless door lock for airbnbs

The simple facade of the 953 Obsidian Touchscreen Deadbolt hides a highly functional security system that guarantees peace of mind, making it a shoo-in for any cutting-edge rental property. Guests can use the capacitive touchscreen to easily enter and leave the home at a moment’s notice without the hassle of keeping track of multiple key sets.

Wondering what makes this one of the best keyless entry systems for Airbnb homes? Kwikset’s brilliant MasterCode system makes access code management a breeze, even if you’re accounting for a large number of guests and family with a capacity of up to 16 users. The MasterCode can be programmed directly at the lock and takes just minutes to set up.

2. Schlage BE375 Camelot Touch Deadbolt with Accent

Schlage FE695 camelot touch keypad entry door lock

Schlage’s FE695 Camelot Touch breaks away from the Kwikset’s modern design, becoming one of the best keyless door locks for Airbnbs that don’t compromise on their traditional aesthetic. This lock is easy to install despite its wavy and decorative design, boasting a fingerprint-resistant locking system with dedicated icons for programming mode and low battery.

The FE695 comes to life when you need it, with LED down lighting powered by a long-lasting 2-year battery and backup system. Notably, this particular model supports up to 19 different access codes, making it one of the best keyless entry locks for Airbnb hosts that regularly have to manage a longer guest list.

3. Kwikset 938 Halo Keypad WiFi Deadbolt

Kwikset 938 halo keyless WiFi entry lock for Airbnb

The best keyless entry locks for Airbnb homes will account for the fact that homeowners aren’t always going to be around to change locks and manage security. Kwikset’s 938 Halo series solves this problem with WiFi-enabled locks that are smarter than ever. Use Kwikset’s SmartKey technology to change your locks and access keys remotely from wherever you are. All you need is Kwikset’s app and a WiFi connection.

This keyless lock pulls far ahead of the competition in terms of access code storage capacity, pushing the limit to an incredible 250 codes per lock, plus the master code. All of these codes are of course fully customizable through the app, and the high storage capacity means that Airbnb owners won’t have to frequently re-program their locks. Kwikset also allows you to easily register temporary access codes for housekeepers and short-term guests.

4. Schlage FE595 Plymouth Keypad Entry Flex-Lock

Schlage FE595 Plymouth keyless entry for Airbnb

The Schlage FE595 Plymouth Keypad Flex-Lock is a regular mention on any list of the best keyless entry door locks for Airbnbs with a unique design, hiding a surprising amount of customizability. Homeowners can choose from up to 4 different styles and 6 finishes for a look that matches their aesthetic, and with an installation time of 30 minutes, it doesn’t take long to secure your property.

One of the best features of this keyless entry lock for Airbnb homeowners is the Flex-Lock feature. This tech allows homeowners to control whether the door stays locked (requiring an access code) or unlocked simply by turning a knob on the interior side. This option also features a tamper-proof and vandal-resistant lever design.

Upgrade Your Airbnb with Door Locks Direct

Security is a paramount concern for Airbnb homeowners all over the country, and a great keyless entry lock is the perfect way to kick off a memorable stay for any guest. If you’re not sure where to source a lock, visit Door Locks Direct. As passionate experts in home security, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners secure their properties with top brands and free shipping on orders over $299. Shop our collection of the best keyless entry locks for Airbnbs and get started today.