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Different Types of Keyless Locks

Sep 2nd 2019

Keyless door locks for homes provide plenty of flexibility and convenience beyond the traditional keyed entry solutions. Whether you are going for a jog, have relatives visiting, have pets in yo … read more

How to Change the Code on Kwikset SmartCode

Jul 17th 2019

Kwikset offers a range of innovative electronic locks for both residential and commercial use such as the Kwikset 919 Premis Touchscreen Deadbolts. Kwikset SmartCode locks have become popular amo … read more

How to Re-key a Kwikset Smart Key

Jul 10th 2019

If you recently moved, lost your keys, loaned out a key and didn’t get it back, or want to have one key for both your front and back doors, consider opting for Smart Key locks from Kwikset. We al … read more

Kwikset 780 vs 980: Which Lock is Right for You?

Jul 3rd 2019

The process of choosing an appropriate lock for your home can be complicated. The right lock should be of good quality, be suitable for your security application, have an efficient and reliable lockin … read more

Which Types of Deadbolt Locks Best Fit Your Door?

Jun 17th 2019

Whether you’re looking to add a little more security to your home or want to replace locks on a new home, Deadbolts are one of the most popular types of door locks in residential properties. T … read more