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6 Possible Reasons Why Your Power Door Lock is Not Working

6 Possible Reasons Why Your Power Door Lock is Not Working

May 4, 2023

white door with power door lock

In the pursuit of increased security, many homeowners have made the decision to upgrade to power door locks. Though they provide great convenience, safety, and security, all door locks have their quirks and can have functional issues. If your power door lock is not working, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Here’s a quick breakdown of what causes power door locks to stop working.

Jammed Door Lock

One problem homeowners may experience is a jammed door lock. This issue isn’t limited to mechanical locks. Usually, you’ll have the ability to lock or unlock the door – but not both. Your lock may also emit a grinding noise when you try to engage it. The reason your jammed power door lock is not working could stem from various issues, such as a physical obstruction, dirt or dust buildup, hardware malfunction, and normal wear and tear.

Communications Issue

smartphone and electronic door lock

If your power door lock is not working, it could also be a communications or connectivity issue related to your app, biometrics, or security panel. A keyless entry door lock should be on the list of connected devices within your panel, and always be responsive to your smartphone app to ensure that you have full control and access to the lock’s settings.

If you’re using a lock with biometrics, communication between your biometrics and the lock could also impact functionality since it’s possible for this form of technology to have issues with recognition due to factors like lighting or an internal systems error.

Power Outage or Interruption

Due to their core functionality, power door locks come with their unique problems. One such issue is a power or energy interruption. In addition to the common low or dying battery occurrence, what could also cause power door locks to stop working are power outages, a loose or frayed wire within the power supply, and tech glitches.

Cold Temperatures

Though it may be surprising or unexpected, extreme cold temperatures can also be the reason your power door lock is not working. Similar to car door locks, extremely cold weather can cause your door’s locking mechanism to freeze and consequently cease to work. As the temperatures drop, it can cause the actuator to stop moving your lock’s other components enough and prevent its locking and unlocking.

Door Alignment

Despite their reliance on power, these locks still require the door to work in conjunction with their technology. If the door is misaligned from problems like wear on the hinges or a foundational shift, it can cause resistance that prevents the door from locking or unlocking.


While one of the most secure types of door locks, these locks can be susceptible to phone and internet hackers. It’s a rare occurrence, but it could be the reason your power door lock is not working.

Secure Your Home with Door Locks Direct

Identifying what types of problems could cause your power door locks to stop working and fixing them is paramount to your home’s security – as is having a team of passionate experts by your side each step of the way. Shop our collection of secure locks, or contact our specialists to get started!