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The Best Door Locks for Rental Property | Learn More

Aug 11th 2020

Door locks are a property’s first line of defense. They’re essential for providing security in residential properties. For landlords, choosing the best door locks for their rental property is not just … read more

Kwikset 955 vs Kwikset 911: SmartCode Lock Comparison

Aug 7th 2020

Keyless entry locks are a convenient upgrade to your front door hardware when you want an option that offers additional flexibility beyond the traditional key/lock solution. Besides enhancing securi … read more

Types of Door Knobs and Where to Use Them

Apr 22nd 2020

Door knobs play a key role in keeping your home or property safe. They’re not only functional but also enhance the decor of a room. Whether you’re replacing damaged door knobs or want to&nbs … read more