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Schlage Birmingham

Lever Functions:

Passage (Hall / Closet | F10) - Both levers are always free (non-locking function).

Privacy (Bed / Bath | F40) - Both levers are locked or unlocked by emergency key on outside or pushbutton inside.
                                                       Pushing down the lever from the inside will unlock the lock.
Keyed Entry (Front / Back | F51A) - "Safe and Easy Exit" Function.
                                                       Both levers are locked or unlocked by key outside or turn button on the inside.
                                                       This lever function comes standard with an interior emergency exit feature.
                                                       Interior side, if the lever is in the locked position, you do not have to unlock the lock prior to
                                                       rotating the lever to exit.  Once the lever is rotated to exit the lock automatically unlocks.

Half Dummy (F170) - Single lever with no operation.

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